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Tell us your very best joke

Watch the task video introduced by Abbey Adams, Dance and Drama practitioner for Dundee Rep & Scottish Dance Theatre:

Instructions for task:

Now this can really be anything and feel free to bring your very best and most hilarious material – the only thing we ask is that you remember this is a project for all the family and you keep it appropriate for your audience – you know what I mean!
You can share your joke with us in one of three ways:
1. Upload a short video of you saying or write the joke below.
2. Send us a letter with your joke to Where are you Dundee? Dundee Rep, Tay Square, DD1 1PB, Dundee
3. Or give us a call with your joke between 1pm-5pm on Tuesday when our phone line is open.

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Submissions so far:

Entries are added by hand, so check back regularly to see what's been added!

  • Hairstyles!

  • Learn a dance routine

  • A show you wish you could see

  • A dance for a woman that inspires you

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