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Learn a dance routine

So Long and Slender invite you to learn a fun dance routine with a big reveal!

Watch the task video introduced by Jessie and Luigi, Scottish Dance Theatre dancers, and hit performance duo So Long and Slender:

Instructions for task:

In this task, So Long and Slender invite you to learn a short dance routine. You will find the step-by-step tutorial in the video, including opportunities to get creative and make up your own steps.

You can adapt and change the choreography in any way that suits you. We also encourage to get creative with your outfit and include a grand reveal at the end of the dance!

You can upload a video or a photograph of your dance in the upload section below.

So Long and Slender in action

You can listen to the music for this task in this link, or feel free to use any track that inspires you to move.

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Learn a dance routine

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