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Write a letter to someone you miss

This can be anyone that you miss seeing.

Watch the task video introduced by Jess Thorpe & Tashi Gore - Associate Directors at Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre:

Instructions for task:

This can be anyone. A friend, a neighbour, a family member, a colleague from work or maybe someone that works in a place you go often and you miss seeing everyday.

You can share your letter with us in a few ways:

1. Upload a photograph of it below, or even type it directly into the site.
2. Send it to us at Where are you Dundee? Dundee Rep, Tay Square, DD1 1PB, Dundee
3. Or give us a call and tell us about it between 1pm-5pm on Tuesday when our phone line is open.

If you’d rather keep your letter private then you can always just tell us who you would write it to without sharing the letter itself. That’s ok too.

here's an example

Letter Example

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Write a letter to someone you miss

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You must agree to these Terms, and be aged 13 or older. If you are under 13, you can still take part with the help of a parent or guardian.

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Entries are added by hand, so check back regularly to see what's been added!

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