Terms of Use for Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre’s WHERE ARE YOU DUNDEE? project


These are Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre’s terms of use for our Where are you
Dundee? project.


They tell you:
• The rules for using our platform
• What you are giving us permission to do
• Your rights and responsibilities
• How we will moderate your submissions

We’ve kept them as short as possible so please do read them before using our platform.
Whenever you use our platform you are agreeing to these rules.


Our rules

Please ensure you follow current Coronavirus guidelines and take your pictures and videos
safely and responsibly.
Appropriate clothing should be worn in all images or videos you plan to submit.
Your creation must be completely new and original. Which usually means it doesn’t feature
anyone else’s content such as videos and music. This ensures you own the copyright to your

If you are 13 years or under old please let your parent or guardian know that you are working on
an artwork for our project.

If you are 13 years or under your parent or guardian must complete the declaration boxes and
submit the artwork on your behalf.

Please ensure that any artwork you send is your own, and if you are submitting photographs of
children under 13 years old, you must have permission from a parent or guardian for every child
featured. By completing the declaration boxes you are giving us full permission to feature every
person that appears in your artwork.

By selecting yes to ‘displaying your first name with the artwork’ you are agreeing that we use
your first name beside your artwork in any format that we choose to display the work.
At no time should you endanger yourself or others, take any unnecessary risks or infringe any


Joining in by telephone or post

You can submit your artwork by post here:


Where Are You Dundee?
Dundee Rep Theatre
Tay Square,



You will need to include your contact name and email address or phone number with your
artwork otherwise we will not be able to publish it.

If you post us a piece of artwork, you are agreeing that we (Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance
Theatre Limited) are able to publish the work digitally and physically.  If you have included a
photograph or image in you postal artwork submission you are also agreeing that you have
given your permission for that photograph or image to be published in the same ways.

If you’d like to phone and speak to someone to verbally submit your artwork then you can phone
01382 342660.This phone line is manned every Tuesday from 1-5pm but you can leave a
message outside those times.

If you phone and speak to us you are agreeing that we (Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance
Theatre Limited) are able to use your words as part of our artwork digitally and physically.

Joining in digitally

What are the rules for uploading your artwork digitally?

We are really looking forward to you uploading your creations. But please don’t do anything
horrible, rude or illegal.

More specifically, please do not upload anything that:
• Is inappropriate (abusive, offensive, explicit or disruptive)
• Contains personal information, either your own or someone else’s
• Puts children or vulnerable adults at risk
• Is illegal, or glamourises illegal activity
• Is defamatory (damaging to someone else’s reputation)
• Infringes anyone’s rights (including their privacy rights)
• Was made by somebody else, or that copies someone else’s creation
• Is posted for financial gain (through advertising, sponsorship etc)
• Contains links to content that may be unsafe

What are you giving us permission to do?

By submitting a creation, photograph, video, or piece or artwork, you are giving us permission
• Upload your imagery, film, or artwork to our Where are you Dundee? website.
• Share your material on other social media channels, for example Twitter, Instagram and
Facebook, as well as offline platforms such as articles and newspapers.
• Use your creation on our platforms for as long as the project exists.
• Moderate it. This means we can review, edit, remove or decide not to display it. And, if it
breaks any laws, we can refer it to the police and other authorities.
• We appreciate you sharing your creation with us but sadly we can’t pay you for it.


Your rights and responsibilities

• When you upload a creation, you give up your moral rights to it. This means we can use your
creation without identifying you as the creator, and we can also edit or change your creation and
you won’t be able to say we’ve treated it in a ‘derogatory’ way.
• You agree not to share, download or copy any other artwork on our platform without
permission from the person it belongs to.
• You agree not to take photographs or video of children outside your immediate family without
their permission.
• We might contact you to check if you’ve got permission to use any music, images, clips or text
in your creation. Or just for administrative purposes.
• Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre’s full Privacy Policy is here, and by uploading your
content to the platform, you provide explicit consent for us to use your content as outlined here.
• If you would like us to stop using your content at any time, please email us to let us know you
would like the content removed data@dundeereptheatre.co.uk or 01382 223530.

How we will moderate your submissions

Once you have uploaded your submission it will go through a moderation process before
appearing on the website. During this process we will check it meets the terms of use stated

During moderation we can:

  • Review, edit, remove or decide not to display your submission if content does not meet our terms of use.

  • Post your submission on any social media platform or offline article associated with the organisation.

  • Use your submission as part of future projects within the organisation including using content as part of a performance or installation, as inspiration or as part of an archive for future funding applications

  • If the content of your submission breaks any laws or raises safeguarding concerns we may refer it to the police or other authorities.

However, you can retract consent of any material you upload as part of the project at any time
without question. This will then mean any uploaded submission and personal details associated
will be removed from the project database and all online and offline platforms.
You can do this by contacting data@dundeereptheatre.co.uk or 01382 223530.